2 MW of extra power installed for Arc-en-Thiérache

1 June 2021

Creating more output without adding a turbine; how to go about this?  


The Arc-en-Thiérache wind turbine park in Sains-Richaumont (France) consists of 8 turbines, with a total installed power output of 16 MW. Up to today, only 14 MW in fact was being used. During the build of this project, a safety margin had been imposed by the operator, to safeguard the evacuation of the total output; advice we obviously have adhered to. Since the launch of the park in January 2020, this safety margin however has been re-evaluated and we concluded, together with Enedis, that we can safely feed the net with the full 16 MW. 

Initially, we planned to go to 15 MW, but we can affirm that from May 26th onwards, we have been able to use the full 16 MW. More output, same input… a great result!