Appointment of Alain Janssens as CEO of Elicio nv

1 juin 2020

The Board of Directors of Elicio NV is happy to announce the appointment of Alain Janssens as CEO. Alain has over 25 years of experience in the energy business and has gathered expertise in developing (and financing) power projects worldwide, before turning to general management positions within Engie. He more recently had the opportunity to focus on the opportunities and challenges related to the Energy Transition in Europe and abroad. He will take his position starting June 2.

Renaud Witmeur, director general at Nethys said: “Alain Janssens’s primary task will be to lead the Management Team of Elicio and develop, together with the Management Team, a strategic vision in order to pursue its growth and its quest for value creation. His appointment should also further enhance the interactions with the Board and the Nethys Group. Next to his primary role in Elicio, Alain will also be asked to provide some input for the oversight of the other energy activities within Nethys.”

Alain Janssens said: “I am thrilled to accept this new challenge with a leading wind project developer that has accumulated an impressive track record of realizations, but also a growing portfolio of new projects in an increasingly competitive environment.
With the current targets for the Energy Transition in Europe by 2030, power generation from renewable sources will need to roughly double in the next decade, which will for sure create additional opportunities for Elicio.”

Short Bio of Alain Janssens:
Alain Janssens, born in Antwerp and aged 58, is a Commercial Engineer from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.
After starting his career in the banking sector, he joined Tractebel’s Corporate & Project Finance Dept in the early nineties to support its international expansion in power and gas (Latin America, USA, Asia). He further lead the Project Advisory team, reporting to the COO of SUEZ and reviewing all the Group’s investment files, before accepting executive responsibilities as CEO of listed Distrigas and subsequently as GM Markets & Sales of Electrabel, heading both Trading & Portfolio Management and Marketing & Sales. He later became a.o. EVP Markets and Sales for Engie’s worldwide power and gas activities and deputy-CEO of Electrabel.

He served on different Boards in Belgium and Europe (Chairman Electrabel Customers Solutions and Engie Deutschland, MoB of Engie España and Engie Trading) and outside Europe such as those of listed Engie Energia (Brazil) and Glow (Thaïland) as well as Engie North America and its operational affiliates.

Before leaving Engie, he was Director of Regulatory Oversight and Market Design for its worldwide operations and served as vice-chair of the Markets Committee of Eurelectric, therefore heavily involved in discussions with the European Commission on key (power) market-related themes of the Energy Transition in the context of the Clean Energy Package.