About Elicio

Capturing wind, to power a cleaner world

Wind energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources in the world. This sustainable substitute for fossil fuels offers so many advantages:

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  • Wind energy is a pure, green source of energy;
  • Wind is an abundant and inexhaustible resource;
  • Wind energy is extremely cost-effective;
  • Renewable energy creates jobs, ensures industrial growth and competitiveness; and
  • Wind turbines feel at home everywhere, on land as well as at sea.


Elicio understands all of this. We are a young, ambitious energy producer and want to ensure a sustainable and better world for everyone. Our no-nonsense team - with a big heart for wind! - is brimming with entrepreneurial spirit.  As a result, we were pioneers in Belgium, which quickly realised the importance of onshore and offshore wind.

We quickly built up extensive in-house expertise, and as a result, Elicio has become an international player in the sector, with a growing portfolio of wind farms in Belgium, France, Serbia and Spain and new offshore developments in Scotland and France.


Expert in all elements of wind energy developments, we successfully contract and coordinate wind energy projects at home and abroad. With a clear focus on full sustainability, the interests of the surrounding communities, the challenges of the environment and the scientific innovations in the sector, we build our high-tech installations in cooperation with dynamic partners, and operate the resulting wind farms for their entire lifespan and beyond.