Do nature and wind energy go hand in hand?

21 May 2022

The official launch of the hiking trail of the Bois de Grisan in Saint-Nicolas-du-Tertre on Saturday morning 21st of May had a truly rural feel.  The dress code was shorts, light shirt and walking shoes. And for good reason, as an inaugural hike had been organised by the town hall to help local people discover the beautiful new paths. About forty participants were present and enjoyed nature to the fullest!

The development of this path network was funded by developers contributions paid by Elicio. This is a measure established by the environmental code, which applies when it has not been possible to avoid or sufficiently reduce the impact of the wind farm installed in the area. The fund has been released to support tourism activities for the maintenance and development of local walking routes and paths. The community launched a vast consultation process with the commune of Saint-Nicolas du Tertre to develop the project.

Given its ecological interest, the Bois de Grisan path was chosen as the best initiative. This trail was created some twenty years ago by the Morbihan hunters' federation. It was lined with panels presenting the flora and fauna of the forest which, due to lack of maintenance, had deteriorated over time. The project has enabled the restoration of these panels and the creation of three additional routes on the following themes: "The wonderful world of plants"; "The forest, a whole ecosystem"; and "In the footsteps of animals".  In total, nature lovers can choose between 4 routes ranging from 2.6 km to 10.2 km and lasting from 45 minutes to 2 hours 40 minutes...