Spare ICT devices for Ukraine

24 January 2023

A severe shortage of electronic devices like laptops, tablets and phones threatens to unplug the Ukrainian people from the internet.


The initiative #laptopsforukraine made Elicio think about all the unused devices we had lying in our office just waiting for a new life. We mobilized the IT team to check out all our spare ICT equipment and reset it, so we can do our bit to help fight for democracy in Europe. We hope this donation can support a hospital to provide essential care, help children to continue their education, or assist a local government to deliver vital services. Thanks to the EU’s civil protection mechanism, LaptopsforUkraine can ship the devices to Ukraine and on to where they are needed most. 

Have you collected for #laptopsforukraine? Everybody can help. Even the smallest gesture can make a huge difference. 

Let’s keep Ukraine connected.