Otary (www.otary.be) is a Belgian knowledge center for offshore wind energy that develops, finances, constructs and operates offshore wind farms in the Belgian North Sea.

Otary focuses on the development and construction of three Belgian offshore wind projects, Rentel, Seastar and Mermaid, representing a total capacity of approximately 800 MW and to be constructed over the next few years. The 309 MW Rentel offshore wind project is the first one to be developed and is currently under construction.

The Otary group comprises eight Belgian offshore wind players, sharing their experience and knowhow in offshore wind energy:

Aspiravi      Deme      Elicio      Green Offshore
Power@Sea        Socofe      SRIW      Z-Kracht

All shareholders have a significant track record in offshore wind projects in the North Sea. By joining forces, Otary has become a strategic knowledge and competence center for the development, construction and operation of offshore wind farms.

The mission is to commercially and successfully develop, construct and commission offshore windfarms within the agreed scope, cost and schedule and to operate the windfarms for a period of at least 20 years with the highest output of energy at the lowest cost, in line with the corporate values.

Thanks to these offshore wind farms, Otary contributes to a cleaner and safer environment for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. Otary will make a significant contribution to achieving both Belgian and European renewable and sustainable energy targets.