Elicio receives award for the best project in the category of renewables, in South East Europe for 2018!

2 octobre 2018

For a long period of time, the Republic of Serbia has been making special efforts in the process of improving its own energy security and in the construction of infrastructure that should satisfy the growing energy demand. Almost identical processes are taking place in other countries in the region of the Southeast Europe confirming once again the fact that no one in this area can allow its passivity or to become an isolated energy island. The reliance on regional projects and the synergy of long-term common interests in achieving energy security as the basis for sustainable development will suppress newly revived political instability in relations between countries and put in the forefront the accomplishment of the most important principle of sustainable development - energy for everybody!

The work of the Energy Community, whose members are the Republic of Serbia and the countries of the Western Balkans, includes operational activities in the field of electricity, gas, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, oil, environmental protection, competition and statistics. The request of the Energy Community towards the member states for the consistent and full implementation of the provisions of the agreed regulatory framework implies faster establishment of unique, stable and uniform area in terms of energy infrastructure, regulations and markets. Transition processes related to the harmonization of legal differences with the standards of the European Union (EU) are in the final stage of change whereas all member states are confronted with the new set of challenges arising from the need to modernize the existing energy production and distribution capacities and to introduce technological innovations in the use of clean energy technologies.

In the twelfth year of its existence and operation under the auspices of the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and co-organizers, the Provincial Secretariat for Energy, Building Construction and Transportation and the Chamber of Economy of Vojvodina, the Program Committee of the Twelfth Forum has decided that this year's focus of the Republic of Serbia and of the countries in the region is going to be directed towards the identification of concrete processes for the improvement of their energy sectors in the most practical way and towards the way of achieving preset common European goals. So far, we have been upgrading energy development plans on the horizon until 2020, which is practically ahead of us, and now, we are going to try to put our own potentials in the context of forecasting strategic objectives until 2050. The EU Energy Roadmap 2050 offers a very innovative approach in the projection of a final goal and a view on the present from the future in order to consider current needs for the change of the economic and social system that will take us to desired goals. Such an approach requires very dynamic and flexible energy policies for all those who want to belong to the corpus of successful nations of the future but also especially well-controlled mechanisms for monitoring the implementation of these policies.

Our common vision is that this year's two-day work of the Forum should encourage more creative and more concrete use of available potentials in clean energy in these areas through the credibility of presented concepts of the future, technological solutions and scientific papers and further initiate cooperation and development of the energy sector in the countries of the region and directing our future towards the high goals of the EU Energy Roadmap of 2050.